Q: What about the personality of the Singapura?

A: They have a delightful, aggressively affectionate disposition with a tendency to be shy. Consumed by a gigantic curiosity, they quickly overcome the shyness. The word "stranger" is not in their vocabulary. They remain playful as adults. They are such excellent mothers they would like to go on nursing the kittens until the next litter is due! With a common sense attitude they are everywhere where people are, insisting on helping with everything from cooking, to newspaper reading, and in general getting into the middle or on top of whatever you are doing. They are "under cover cats" because most prefer to sleep under the covers of your bed with you.
However, they will most likely remain at the foot of the bed waiting to be asked. Possessing a low key way of getting exactly what it wants, you give in to their charms quickly. They like to "wash" people like dogs do, staying tuned in to people's moods. Some have called them "groupies" since they are social, seldom squabble and group around people, including visitors.
Although Singapuras are very social and curious, they are not demanding and are always gentle. Even in season they have quiet voices. Most interesting are the stud males, who prefer living together with other Singapura studs. There is no fighting. 

Currently the breed is more than a dozen generations from the original three cats from 1975 (two were littermates) and one more cat from 1980.  CatsAsia consistently breeds for the health of the cat over all other considerations (such as characteristics that are currently in favor with judges on the show circuits).

Q:  Do Singapuras get along well with other animals?

A:  Yes.  They get along great with other cats and even dogs, too (see our gallery page to see the kittens we raise playing with a Rottweiler!)